arrowed #10

what i won't tell you is exactly what you want to know. arrowed #10 is the 2 year anniversary issue, in which i don't think i'm as personal as usual, but it's a change in focus that i'm quite happy abt. i'm finding that exposing my personal life in my zine is not what i want to do with it-- there is so much more to write abt than what goes on in a regular day for me (though that's in there, too). i'm a hypocrite, i'm lying to you and telling you my truth all at once. you'll find writing abt alternative schools, "want to's" vs. "have to's", privalege, apathy in the zine scene, plus poetry and the usual pieces abt home, writing, being alone, eeyore. 1/4 letter. 48 pages. august 2000.