arrowed #4.5/mandarin #6

a split zine, a split zine, you say!! yes!! i got the opportunity to make a zine w/ my good friend grace, of the internationally acclaimed mandarin zine. i'm a lucky duck. (fyi, issue 5 never came out, so you're not missing anything). anyway, onto my half.

this split is so lovely and there are so few of them in existence in the world. arrowed #4.5 charts a silly spring in which i spent time: in colorado; pondering why girls can't be vocal abt their bowel movements, why i publish zines, being a porn star extra (ha ha), the residents, my friends, and how differently ppl look at you when you're in a wheelchair. i think it's too bad i couldn't send out more copies of these!

grace's half includes stuff on self-censorship, her lovelife, how a particular "you" best be joking when thinking he knows her well, self-portraits, girl-bonding, girls and how they get shafted in sex education (excuuuse the pun) and other lovely stuff, including some craft how-to's, which is what grace excels at. her creativity floors me and i miss her so much now that we don't live in the same place anymore (sniff sniff).

this zine is 1/4 size. 56 pp. july 1999.