arrowed #6

as we move closer to the present, i still continue to experiment w/ size and layout, but i think i'm getting more fluid in my content. i like having light-hearted things in my zine, but want to be taken seriously in my writing, and i think that #6 starts to reflect this very much. it takes place in the summer of 99, after my first year of college, reflecting on some trends i'm seeing in the ppl i know, as well as in my own attitudes abt my world. through the end of school, i started to feel so detached from everyone, and as a result, spent a very lonely summer building up self-confidence and realizing that i don't need others to validate my existence. yay for the breakthrough. articles on fate, japanese class, the cars i've loved and lost, self-esteem girl shops for swimsuits, raining, being a working girl, being born in the wrong time period, etc. 1/2 size. 32 pp. june, 1999 (before #4.5, strangely enough. heh)