arrowed #9

my latest effort, with a slightly different feel than previous issues. i am exploring parts of myself that i was previously wary abt putting on paper, such as highlights of a mental breakdown. i am focused on showing different sides of myself right now, and i think that this issue illustrates a more tenative, vulnerable side of me. i seems more realistic and that's why i like it. it also includes a crossword puzzle to brighten the spirits, self-esteem girl comic, being shy, an ode to those who keep me intact, trading cards, pictures of myself (i.e. getting over the phobia of such), poetry, prose, etc. 48 pages. 1/4 size. march 2000.

displacing love

this is a new poetry chapbook that i put out recently, it was written at a 12 hour poetry session we had a few weeks back, and compiled later that week at work. it has 24 poems, written in 4 hours, which are all pretty rough, but good nonetheless. write me for more information: 36 pages. 1/6 letter size. march 2000.

(and since i'm still web-inept and haven't figured out how to add #8 to the past issues section yet, here you go....)

arrowed #8

my latest obsession is how conflicting parts of a whole can work together to be that whole, and in this zine i am working under that idea. it is divided into two halves, self-doubt and self-confidence, and in both i'm trying to explore where the two meet and how my life progresses in constant conflict. there is also light-hearted fare for all-- such as comics on why i love thursdays, sweatpants and the cursive letter "L". i'm proud of this issue b/c i put a lot of work into the covers, which have light cardboard w/ color photocopies in photo corners boasting my, and some friends', sexy snapshots. 1/4 size. 40 pages. december 1999