new york zine fest 2000 pictures

these stills were taken by joly of wwwhatsup and punkcast. if you'd like to see the workshop that these were taken from, go here: punkcast #18 - nyc zine fest 2000. if i got anyone's name wrong, i'm sorry!! and if yr name isn't entered, it's because i couldn't catch it on the webcast!! email me and i'll add it!! enjoy!!

grace, of "radioactive heart" and cheryl, "merge disorder" & co-organizer

amy of "her red self" zine and _________

taryn of "girl swirl" and marla of "intertwined"

fabulous seamstress bumble and the "waggy" girls ( ____ and korenne)

jen and joly, our wonderful webcaster and cameraman

tom, and chewy of "members only" distro

eleanor of "indulgence" and "octopus head" records, and marissa
of "red hooded sweatshirt" with sarah "in morning clouds"

sarah "imc" w/ ally of "word" and miranda from the blackout
zine library at abc no rio.

_____ and kat of "random words" distro

franco of "burnt" and mike

monica of "abberation" and catherine of "violet crimes" and the
zinesters egroups list.

catherine w/ sharon of "equilibrium" and molly of "tyger voyage"

caleb of "french archaeology" and lauren of "arrowed", who was
cheryl's partner in crime in organizing the fest.

ayun('s chest) "east village inky" w/ newborn son, milo,
and lindsey "baby girl" & kerry

the following picture was taken by tasha of some prozac distro:

me and inky ("inky, look up!! no, not that far up!!")

that's all for now, folks. once i get my pictures developed, i will add some more!! thanks for stopping by!!