ordering info

arrowed is for sale for U.S. $1 and a 55 cent stamp (or equivalent) or an equal, solicited trade. a trade can be a mix tape, yr zine, a nice letter, stickers or anything-- but take into account that i spent long hours working on this zine and if you're going to trade me... just THINK abt how you'd feel if you got a 2-page-poorly-copied-illegible-sloppy zine in trade for yr 40 page masterpiece. it's no fun. please email me before sending a trade or an order my way; while it's nice to get surprise mail, i can't fill orders as quickly when i'm not prepared to take them! again, just use common sense.

i have talked to some people who are offended that i can charge for my zine, and indirectly, my thoughts. i would never charge ppl for my thoughts outright, however, in conveying these thoughts to you, i spend lots of time cutting and pasting, and using lots of materials to make my zine the best it can be. let's not even take into account the amount of money i spend photocopying and on postage in an average month. believe me, i'm not trying to pull a fast one on you to make money. i lose money on this project, but keep it going because i have my heart and soul invested in it. if you're not willing to part with a measly $1 for my heart on paper, i don't know what else to say.

i'm not too down with posting my home address on the internet, sorry. if i had a p.o. box, maybe it would be different. if you like what you see, fill out the nifty order form (coming soon) to get to the next level. (until the order form is ready, email me at arrowzine@aol.com) take care. byebye now.