hello my name is lauren. this is a page about my zine. it is a simple page, but that's what i'm about. i know nothing of web design and as is, my friend max is helping me greatly to figure a few things out. once i learn how to do things, i will definitely be updating like the madwoman that i am, but until then, i hope that you enjoy this. it is not poetic and it is not fancy, but it's mine.
arrowed is my brainchild, the one place that i have in which i know what's going on. i have creative control over so little in this world-- zines are so important to me because of this.
you've entered my world now, enjoy yr stay here.

oh! and there's a new thing 'round these parts... you can still see old journal entries on the 'myself page', but i also have an online diary!! go here: my heart has reached ground zero. thanks and have a lovely day!!